March 19, 2014. Politics professor Leonard Wantchekon has an ambitious plan: to train the next generation of African leaders. He has founded the African School of Economics (ASE), a university set to open next fall in Benin, West Africa. “Ideas that will shape Africa have to involve as many Africans as possible, but this cannot happen if those Africans are not properly trained,” he says. “I thought I was in a unique position to draw attention and resources to train young Africans.”


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February 17, 2014. Politics professor Leonard Wantchekon, prison activist turned professor, is in the process of founding a university in Africa, which he hopes will become a “pan-African” university that would provide students with a “modern American-style university” experience. The school, the African School of Economics, is set to open in Benin in September 2014.


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December 26, 2013. ASE founder and president, Dr. Leonard Wantchekon, had the opportunity to present the African School of Economics' academic project in a radio interview for BBC (United Kingdom).

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November 29, 2013. This weekend's edition of Financial Times includes an article on ASE Founder and President Leonard Wantchekon.

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November 3, 2013. Discovery: Research at Princeton is an annual magazine that highlights Princeton University’s most significant research advances, initiatives, projects and honors. In 2013, it included an article on ASE's founder and president, Dr. Leonard Wantchekon.

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