Antonin Dossou, Former Minister for Evaluation of Public Policies, Government of Benin

"I have discovered with ASE, a relevant initiative on African territories that enables to put at the disposal of Africa, well trained and excellent human resources, especially in the area of economic management. The building of the economic emergence of African countries is at that price. I offer my encouragement to ASE."


Dr. David Arellano-Gault, Provost at CIDE (Mexico)

"We at CIDE are very glad to participate in this promising new relationship with ASE. We would like to learn more from the ASE experience and to strengthen our linkages with African schools, students and colleagues."

Kristina Graff, Assistant Director, Center for Health & Wellbeing, Princeton University (US)

"Our collaboration with ASE offers Princeton’s global health students the opportunity to learn the basics of social science research while situated in the field, under the guidance of African researchers and mentors. It offers a promising new model of partnership across continents, fostering multidimensional learning and mutual capacity-building."

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Dr. Paul Collier, Professor of Economics, Director for the Centre for the Study of African Economies, Oxford University (UK)

"Besides being a very distinguished economist, [Dr. Leonard Wantchekon] has a lot of practical experience on the ground... he has pioneered a lot of engagement with policy makers."


Dr. Shanta Devarajan, Chief Economist of the World Bank's Middle East and North Africa Region

"The ASE is uniquely poised at this point to help bolster that stock of well-trained economists who will then take the continent to the next level."


Dr. Makhtar Diop, World Bank Vice President for Africa

"This is the real thing...It is a great initiative...You can count on my full support."