Morlu Dominic Kpalie is student pursuing his Master in Mathematics, Economics & Statistics (MMES) at the African School of Economics in Cotonou, Benin.

He's currently working on a topic: AN ANALYSIS OF RATIONAL CHOICE PREFERENCES IN DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS IN LIBERIA: THE PERSONAL MODEL, to address some critical problem in the electoral process of my country Liberia.

Morlu D. Kpalie is also the Executive Director of Kids-Tech Liberia. He obtained his first B.Sc. Degree in Economics from the United Methodist University in Liberia. I received several research and computer training from local and international organizations in Liberia. He is running his own organization (Non- Profit) in Liberia that provides computer education to kids.

"The gap of Computer technology in the educational environment for children in Liberia is wide and inconceivable that requires an attention", Morlu saide. He realized that there is an immediate and urgent need to support the educational environment of Liberian children especially through Computer Technology Skills Training.