An ASE student information and recruiting session will be held on December 18th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, at la Maison de la Presse, in Conakry (Guinea).

Part I: It has come to our attention that many potential applicants are having technical difficulties with the online application.

If this is the case, please fill out and send the paper application along with the required documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Here is the link to the application form:


Part II: To date, we have 50 scholarships available. We encourage all candidates to apply early so that their applications can be evaluated for a scholarship.

Applying to the African School of Economics (ASE), Please click here.

Professor Leonard Wantchekon was inducted into the American Academy of Arts & Sciences 233rd Class of Members in a ceremony on October 12.

"The Induction Ceremony recognizes the achievement and vitality of today’s most accomplished individuals who together with the Academy will work to advance the greater good,” said Academy Secretary Jerrold Meinwald. “These distinguished men and women are making significant strides in their quest to find solutions to the most pressing scientific, humanistic, and policy challenges of the day.”

Founded in 1780, the American Academy is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious learned societies, and an independent research center that draws from its members’ expertise to conduct studies in science and technology policy, global security, the humanities and culture, social policy, and education.

Members of the 2013 class include winners of the Nobel Prize; National Medal of Science; the Lasker Award; the Pulitzer and the Shaw Prizes; the Fields Medal; MacArthur and Guggenheim Fellowships; the Kennedy Center Honors; and Grammy, Emmy, Academy, and Tony Awards."


[From the Princeton News Office.]

The ASE and its research center, IREEP, in partnership with the Institute of Mathematics and Physics (IMSP) is one of the 15 recipients of the World Bank project on African Centers of Excellence (ACE). The formal announcement was made on November 5 by the Association of African Universities.

The project will sponsor 40 scholarships for qualified students enrolled in our MMES and MBA programs as well as provide financial support for the data center of the Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy.

These scholarships come in addition to 10 scholarships sponsored by the Women for Africa Foundation and SES.

We would like to encourage all candidates to submit their applications early in order to qualify for the scholarship.

In an effort to recruit a highly qualified and diverse student body for the African School of Economics (ASE), staff members of the Institute of Empirical Research in Political Economy (IERPE) have held recruitment information sessions in Lomé, Togo, and Bamako, Mali.

On October 17, 2013, Mr. Hyacinthe Boko, Director of Finance and Logistics at IERPE, and Dr. Akim Adekpedjou, Associate Professor of Statistics at Missouri University of Science and Technology and Statistics Professor at IERPE, presented an information and recruitment session in collaboration with the Center for Research and Opinion Polls (CROP) in Lomé.

Mr. Ezéchiel A. Djallo, Resident Administrator and Public Affairs Officer for CROP, moderated the session and welcomed participants in the Hibiscus Room of the Agora Senghor Conference Center of Lomé. The program began at 4:00PM and saw 62 people in attendance.

Dr. Adekpedjou presented the ASE by covering three key points: the academic plan, the location of the ASE, and the achievements and accomplishments made by IERPE to date.

After the presentation, the panel responded to audience questions concerning tuition, the profile of IERPE’s graduates, and accreditation for the ASE.

Mr. Djallo, who completed IERPE’s MEPSA Program, offered his own testimony to the quality of training from IERPE and the ASE before giving the session’s closing remarks.

On October 31, 2013, Mr. Richard Houessou, Research Associate at IERPE, presented a similar recruitment session for the African School of Economics in the conference room of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Bamako. Professors, the Dean, and third and fourth year students from the department attended.

Mr. Houessou will present a second similar session in Bamako in December for students in the math and statistics departments.

Application information is available online here. For regular updates on the African School of Economics, “like” the ASE on Facebook and follow IERPE on Twitter @IREEP_Benin.