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August 25, 2016.  The African School of Economics (ASE) was one of the schools invited to participate at GAB School Awards Education Fair. The event, which celebrated its third edition, congregated representatives from the most prestigious private schools of Benin, took place last August 11, 12 and 13 in Cotonou. Besides having a stand where the ASE's spokespeople offered detailed information about their programs, the fair counted with two seminars covering topics such as entrepreneurship and job search, and a gala dinner. ASE students Gaspard Dodo, Robinson Toguem, Glwadys Vidogbena and Marjolaine Godja were in charge of ASE representation and they all agreed that the event was a huge success and that it was a great platform to promote the school among those who did not know about the programs offered, especially the new programs in Development Studies, Public Administration and PhD in Economics that will start in September. 

The gala dinner in honor of the 22 laureates started with a speech by the Minister of Higher Education, followed by Christian Affagnon CEO of GAB insurance and Guy-Faustin Agnero, president of the organizing committee of "GAB School Awards”. The gala was also an opportunity for the participating schools to introduce themselves; Professor Leonard Wantchekon talked on behalf of ASE and presented the programs currently offered by the school as well as the research activities carried out by IREEP, one of the research institutes hosted by the school.


View of some of the participating stands at the fair


Still of the gala dinner



August 9, 2016. ASE campus was packed with activities last Monday August 8 with the start of the Summer English Camp and the visit of Professor Paul Dower (above picture) from Florida International University.

A group of 36 Class of 2018 students have already arrived in Benin in preparation for the Summer English and Math Camps, which are taking place at ASE from August 8 to August 29. Monday's session began with the introduction of the two professors, Dr. Amzat Assani and Dr. Victor Marcos, and the students. Next, the students received a placement test to gauge their English proficiency and divide them in two groups according to their level. The main goal of the Summer English Camp is to improve the English skills of students from Francophone countries before formal classes begin through audio, speaking and writing exercises. During the academic year, students will be able to continue practicing their English skills through the weekly English club, where students can watch movies, listen to podcasts, and discuss these materials in English.

Professor Paul Dower’s visit was structured in two sessions. First, Professor Dower held a professional seminar with a group of second year students, sharing some tips regarding thesis writing and steps students can take towards a successful career. He made special emphasis on the recommendation letters, which are, according to him, a critical component when looking for a job. Professor Dower stressed that the strength of an application also lies in the people that recommend the candidate. After this meeting, he presented some highlights from his current research during a talk that was open to all students. His presentation focused on a comparative study of citizens’ reaction towards taxes in Togo, Ghana and Benin. According to the speaker, when people receive information about taxes’ management, they become more reluctant to make their payment because they consider these taxes predatory.  After his remarks concluded, there was a vivid Q&A session with the participants. 


Still of the first session of the 2016 English Summer Camp


Still of Prof. Paul Dower's presentation


Prof. Paul Dower addressing the audience


July 29, 2016. A group of top students from University of Abomey-Calavi - ENEAM (National School of Applied Economics and Management) visited ASE on Friday July 29 for an information session with its founder, Professor Leonard Wantchekon, and a delegation of staff members and current students. The purpose of this well-attended meeting (over a hundred participants) was to learn more about the programs offered by the school, specially since in September three new programs are being launched.

The meeting began with a presentation by Clementina Alamou, Manager of Academic Affairs, and Wilfried Youmbi, a second year MMES student. Both focused on the life at ASE and the activities carried out at the school. Their talk was followed by Professor Leonard Wantchekon, who focused on the curriculum of the courses and shared some insights regarding the opportunities that ASE offers to their graduates as well as job possibilities abroad (internships, PhD programs, jobs...)

The meeting lasted two hours and was a great scenario for ASE representatives and prospective students to discuss about the school and its programs.

ASE is still receiving applications for the Academic Year 2016-17. If you are interested, submit your candidacy as soon as possible (click here for more information).


Over a hundred ENEAM students attended the meeting.

Professor Leonard Wantchekon provided detailed information about the programs offered at ASE.


ASE second year MMES student, Wilfried Youmbi, and ASE Academic Manager, Clementina Alamou, address the audience.


*       *        *

Les étudiants de l’ENEAM à l’African School of Economics

Dans l’après-midi de ce vendredi 29 juillet 2016, les meilleurs étudiants de l’Ecole Nationale d’Economie Appliquée et de Management (ENEAM) se sont rendus à l’African School of Economics pour une rencontre avec son fondateur, le professeur Léonard Wantchekon.

Une centaine d’étudiants, la crème de la crème de la grande école d’économie et de management de l’Etat, dépendant de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi, ont été reçus par le fondateur de l’ASE et une partie de son staff. Il était question de leur parler des formations en master et en doctorat qu’offre l’African School of Economics et leur présenter les opportunités extraordinaires de cette école aux standards internationaux.

La séance s’est ouverte apr une présentation de la chargée des Affaires académiques de l’ASE Clementina Alamou assistée de l’étudiant en MMES 2ème année Wilfried Youmbi sur les faits marquants de l’ASE et le vécu au sein de l’école.

Par la suite, le professeur Léonard Wantchekon a présenté le contenu des formations, avec des détails précis, allant des curricula aux débouchés en passant par les cours et les ouvertures à l’international.

Dans un échange franc et direct d’environ deux heures d’horloge, les étudiants de l’ENEAM ont fait part de leurs préoccupations et sont partis rassurés, notamment sur ce qu’ils deviendront après l’ASE. Ceci a été renforcé par l’exemple des étudiants en fin de formation à l’ASE, qui sont déjà stagiaires ou employés dans les entreprises et institutions les plus cotées du continent.

L'ASE continue de recevoir demandes pour l'année académique 2016-17. Si vous êtes intéressé, envoyez votre candidature le plus rapidement possible (cliquez ici pour plus d'informations).


July 27, 2016. On Tuesday, July 26, a delegation from ASE lead by Prof. Léonard Wantchekon, met with a group of students from the School of Economics and Management of Abomey-Calavi University. The goal of this meeting was to provide information about the different programs that ASE offers and recruit students for the 2016-17 academic year.

"I went to IPA Burkina Faso for a training course and I was offered a contract even before I had defended my thesis." This testimonial, by Mohamed Barro, an ASE MMES second year student, made an impression on the audience. A group of FASEG-UAC undergraduate students, some of whom have already enrolled with ASE for next year, enjoyed an open and direct dialogue with professor Wantchekon. For those who were already enrolled at ASE this was a good opportunity to get more details about the programs, for those who were considering joining the ASE community it was a time to discover the advantages that the graduate programs offer as well as the financial aid opportunities.

Assisted by David Gbaguidi, Associate Dean of Planning and Student Placement, and Clementina Alamou, Manager of Academic Affairs, Professor Wantchekon engaged in a rich conversation with students. He provided insights on how the quality of teaching, range of cost and payment options, and job prospects for applicants all provide significant value to ASE students. Some participants were concerned about the level of Mathematics and English required to join ASE, but such concerns were addressed by the speakers, who explained that students have the possibility of attending a summer camp in August and weekly support classes throughout the first year.

Professor Wantchekon used some ASE students who have already secured jobs before graduation as examples to stress ASE's core values: hard work, determination and excellence. Values brought to light last June when Albert G. Zeufack, World Bank's Chief Economist for Africa, visited the school and a group of students presented some research projects that they are working on for their master theses.

Summer Camp (Maths and English) will start in August 8, and classes in September 5, with a second intake scheduled for January 2017. Click here to check the academic calendar.

To read testimonials from our current students click here.


Prof. David Gbaguidi adresses the audience


Still of the meeting, which took place at ASE main building


*       *       *

Rencontre avec les étudiants de la FASEG de l’UAC

Ce mardi 26 juillet 2016, le fondateur de l’African School of Economics, Pr. Léonard Wantchekon, a rencontré divers étudiants de la Faculté des Sciences Économiques et de Gestion de l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi (université publique) au campus de son institution. Il était question d’échanger sur les diverses opportunités et des formations de haut niveau qu’offre l’ASE.

« Je suis allé en stage à l’IPA Burkina Faso et déjà, on m’a retenu et proposé un contrat alors que je n’avais pas encore soutenu. » Cette phrase de l’étudiant en MMES 2 à l’ASE, Mohamed Barro, relayée au cours de cette rencontre, résonne dans les esprits, de même que des propos similaires de ses camarades, qui sont fiers de la formation reçue à l’African School of Economics.

Dans la salle de cours des MMES (Masters in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics), dans une ambiance conviviale cet après-midi, des étudiants en fin de premier cycle à la FASEG de l’UAC et dont certains se sont déjà inscrits en master pour la rentrée prochaine à l’ASE, ont eu droit à des échanges francs et directs avec le professeur Wantchekon.

Pour les plus avertis, ce fut là l’occasion de renforcer leur conviction qu’ils ont fait ou qu’ils ont à faire le bon choix en venant à l’ASE et pour d’autres, c’était le moyen de découvrir des formations qualifiantes qu’ils n’espéraient pas, au regard du rapport qualité-prix et des opportunités diverses qu’offre l’école tant au plan national qu’international.

Assisté de David Gbaguidi, Vice-Doyen chargé de la planification et du placement des étudiants, ainsi que de la chargée des affaires académiques Clementina Alamou, le professeur Wantchekon a donné des réponses satisfaisantes aux questions des étudiants, preuves à l’appui, tant sur ce qui concerne la qualité de l’enseignement, que pour ce qui est du coût et des modes de paiement, des débouchés et de la valeur hautement significative des parchemins délivrés à l’ASE et de leur contenu.

Pour ce qui concerne le niveau en mathématiques en en anglais, leurs craintes sont dissipées par l’existence de cours de renforcement et de mise à niveau intensifs qui précèdent la rentrée académique et qui se poursuivent hebdomadairement tout au long de la première année.

Prenant exemple sur des étudiants de l’ASE présents dans la salle et qui ont déjà, avant même la fin de leur formation, obtenu des emplois et autres contrats de prestations en termes de recherche, le professeur a mis l’accent sur les valeurs cardinales de l’ASE : le travail bien fait, la volonté, la recherche de l’excellence. Valeurs soulignées dans la qualité des présentations des étudiants faites devant Albert Zeufack, économiste en chef de la Banque mondiale en visite le 27 juin à l’ASE. Les cours de renforcement et de mise à niveau quant à eux démarrent le 8 août, et la rentrée proprement dite, le 5 septembre, avec une deuxième rentrée prévue pour janvier 2017. Cliquez ici pour consulter le calendrier académique.

Pour lire des témoignages de nos étudiants actuels cliquez ici.


July 14, 2016. We recently interviewed alumnus Elfried Faton, a Beninese national who graduated from IREEP-ASE in 2008 (IREEP MEPSA Program) and who is currently a fourth year PhD candidate in Economics at Laval University in Quebec City (Canada). We asked her to share some thoughts about the African School of Economics and to give some recommendations to prospective students. Click here to read the interview.