The African School of Economics to penetrate Africa more extensively

According to Professor Leonard Wantchekon, the President of the African School of Economics – the prestigious Pan-African Anglophone University located in Benin – "Hovering is the greatest risk in every venture. If, at a given time, you cannot take risks, you will be a total failure". This great Beninese scholar is currently one of the 5 African members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a professor of Political Science and Economics at Princeton University. He pronounced these words on Wednesday, January 04 on the occasion of the good wish ceremony held by the staff of the ASE. In his address, Professor Wantchekon praised the development of the IERPE into the ASE, and revealed the innovations for 2017: the Institute of Finance and Management, and the Institute of African Studies.

The African School of Economics, located in Benin, precisely in the commune of Abomey-Calavi, intends "to penetrate Africa more extensively during this and the coming years", as was emphasized by the Dean of the ASE, Father Claude Domfang, during the aforementioned ceremony.

Courses in the university are exclusively taught in English. The diploma issued opens up professional opportunities in French-speaking and Anglophone countries. All in all, 16 nationalities are found in the ASE's community: Tanzanians, Ghanaians, Senegalese, Togolese and Beninese, etc. To date, 12 of the ASE's graduates have joined the staff of the World Bank and many more are working with several international organizations.