Friday, January 6th, 2017. The staff of the African School of Economics, represented by the Dean and the leaders of each department, met the new students who will be starting their academic year in January.

In front of about forty students, the Dean, Father Claude Domfang, was asked to introduce students to the founding principles of the African School of Economics: rigor, work, pan-Africanism and solidarity.

The new students who come from Benin, Ghana and other countries asked a few questions about the fee payment process, campus life, and other issues. They seemed satisfied by the responses provided by the Director of Operations Hyacinthe Boko, Academic Affairs officials Clémentine Assede and Clementina Alamou and their collaborator Lionnelle Boco.

In addition to the Q&A session, students also received fact sheets with explanations of their obligations and rights within ASE.

Pre-doctoral fellow, Simplice Adjisse also included all the newcomers in the ASE Whatsapp group, to make them feel at home and to keep them informed about ASE activities from the very beginning.

Courses start on Monday 9th January with reinforcement sessions in Mathematics and English.