Over the past two weeks, students at the African School of Economics (ASE) had the privilege of taking an intensive microeconomics course with visiting instructor, Yu Wen, a 3rd Year PhD candidate at the Toulouse School of Economics. Yu Wen has helped students master a number of topics including consumer theory, demand theory and game theory. Even though he has been at ASE for only two weeks, the students have really appreciated Yu’s dedication to teaching them these concepts. By inviting professors from abroad, like Yu Wen, the ASE demonstrates once again its commitment to providing its students with training on par with international standards.

Students working in the Communications Department sat down with Professor Yu and asked him to share his experiences teaching at ASE for the past two weeks.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM: How do you feel after two weeks teaching an intensive microeconomics course?

YU WEN: After two week’s class, I feel somewhat exhausted, very excited and a strong sense of fulfillment.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM: Do you think that universities like the ASE should continue to invite professors from other schools to teach advanced Economics courses in Africa?

YU WEN: I must confess that my knowledge of Africa was poor before I came, but still I think the idea is great. Over the past two weeks, I have witnessed the passion and diligence of the students, as well as the demand for balanced economic growth and economic education (advanced or introductory) in Africa. Inviting professors from abroad may serve well as a communicative bridge between students and scholars from Africa and other places around the world. It would even work better than conferences, because the length of stay and interaction with local students and professors potentially helps build long-term productive relationships.

Additionally, ASE would have a competitive advantage if it can invite professors in a consistent and high-profile manner. It would enable ASE to be the center of research and communication in Africa. 

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM: Do you see yourself visiting ASE again?

YU WEN: Sure.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM: What is your impression of the students and how do they compare to other Economics students who have encountered?

YU WEN: In terms of knowledge, the students are really diversified. However, I dare say that the first year Masters students in Toulouse are not much better. For the passion, hard-work and patience, they are among the top.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM: Any last remarks?

YU WEN: Thank you very much for the invitation and I honestly enjoyed my visit.