Former student of the African School of Economics and now Research Assistant - Stéphania Houngan says a few words about ASE to our Communications team.

Communications team: Hello Stéphania, what did you study exactly at ASE?

Stéphania Houngan: I did a Master Degree in Public Economics and Applied Statistics (MEPSA) at the Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy (IERPE), a research institute at ASE.

Communications team: What was your first post after ASE?

Stéphania Houngan: I was recruited as a Research Assistant at Micro Impact of Macro Adjustment Policies (MIMAP).

Communications team: What enabled you to have this first position?

Stéphania Houngan: IERPE/ASE, because the quality of the courses provided made me tough enough to be able to achieve this success. Then professionally, ASE gave me expertise in Economics and Statistics, which was very positive. Today, I am involved in ASE’s functions, in the sense that I am working at IERPE as a Research Associate.

Your final words to conclude the interview?

I would like to point out that ASE is an internationally renowned school that offers a quality education. So I encourage all those who are in need of this quality education to join ASE and take advantage of this opportunity.