On Thursday, May 25th, 2017, ASE students have the privilege to welcome a distinguished guest, Professor João Santos Silva who is Head of the School of Economics at the University of Surrey, as part of an exceptional installment of ASE’s ongoing Career Building International Chats (CABICH) series.

Professor Santos received a master’s degree in applied mathematics in 1988 and graduated in economics from the technical University of Lisbon in 1985. In 1992, he completed his PhD in Economics at the University of Bristol. He has published in a variety of economics journals, including the Review of Economics Studies, Journal of the American Statistical Association, and others. The discussion will be mainly on his article titled “The Log of Gravity”, co-authored with Dr. Silvana Tenreyro and published in the November 2006 edition of the Review of Economics and Statistics.

This interaction will be a great opportunity for ASE students to know more about logarithmic linearized equations and estimations. Visit www.cabich.wordpress.com to learn more.