Dr Janis Hilaricus

Dr. Janis Hilaricus is Associate Professor in Management at the University of the Antilles in Martinique, and has been a visiting professor at ASE since 2015. Several years ago she had the opportunity to meet ASE President Léonard Wantchekon in Martinique, who invited her to teach at ASE. Dr. Hilaricus accepted the offer, seeing it as a great professional opportunity. During this visit, she taught students courses in Marketing and Qualitative Data Analysis. She thinks ASE is a wonderful opportunity for students because all coursework is in English, and she advises to ASE students to have big dreams and not to limit themselves – there is a chance that their dreams become true.

This is Dr. Hilaricus’ third visit to Benin to teach at ASE, and she is joined by Dr. Maximilian Hasler, her husband and a fellow professor at the University of the Antilles. She has already had opportunity to visit several Beninese cities, including Abomey and Ouidah. She finds that Benin has a very interesting culture, and has learned a lot about the history of the Dahomean monarchy, such as the life of King Behanzin, the last independent ruler of Abomey, who was exiled to Martinique at the end of his life. Many ASE students hope that Dr. Hilaricus returns to teach further courses, and the connection continues between Benin and Martinique.