Video workshop 1

Video workshops are another big initiative run and coordinated by ASE students. These are weekly sessions whose objectives are to enhance understanding of prominent research papers, to devise alternative ways of understanding renowned scientists presenting their papers. For the moment, the video workshops are in their fourth edition.

During the last three sessions, students worked on papers written by authors such as Nathan Nunn, Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Professor Leonard Wantchekon. Students also enjoyed watching extracts of videos presenting these papers.

The last workshop, which took place on June, 15th, focused on a paper entitled “Contract Theory” written by Nobel prize-winning authors, Oliver HART and Bengt HOLMSTRÖM. Hart’s presentation was basically the application of their theory. His application was rooted in the coal mining sector. The video highlights the real life application of contract theory through a relationship between the coal mine and power plant.

Students welcomed the presentation with enthusiasm. Audience members had numerous comments and questions afterwards.