On December 16, 2017, the African School of Economics held its second annual Graduation and Commencement Ceremony. This year’s cohort of graduate students came from Benin, Togo, Nigeria, and Cameroon among others. Pierre Nguimkeu, Professor at Georgia State University, was one of many who congratulated ASE’s graduates, especially those whom presented at SIER 2017. He also expressed his great joy to sponsor the ceremony.  

ASE’s president Léonard Wantchekon also congratulated the graduating class on their accomplishments and wished them the best while also thanking parents for their support. He also spoke of ASE’s progress and success made during the past three years, including the placement of ASE graduates in international institutions such as the World Bank and Innovation for Poverty Action. Additionally, ASE placed five pre-doctoral students in top US universities including Princeton University and New York University. Professor Wantchékon also mentioned that two students from the United States and Mexico were recently admitted to ASE and were excited to begin their studies in January 2018. Graduates also had the opportunity to congratulate their class and acknowledge the many challenges and accomplishments they faced during their time at ASE.

Class representatives Clinton Obina Ogwuike and Gaïus Ahamidé celebrated the cohort’s accomplishments in their speech before offering a symbolic gift to the founder of ASE on behalf of their class. The gift was an abstract painting made up of small circles, which grow in time to become great. Students felt this symbolic representation was a reflection of their thanks and wishes for a successful future of the African School of Economics.