Recruited a couple of months ago and already in charge of a huge department at ASE, The Development Research Lab, Dr Songbian Zime delivers his thoughts about the school, his achievements and challenges.


ASE Communications: Hello Dr. Zime. We wanted to ask you a few questions today. Firstly, what is your position at the ASE?

Dr. Zime:  I am a Professor and the Coordinator for the Development Research Lab (DRL).


ASE Communications: What kind of degree do you possess? 

Dr. Zime:  I am a Doctor-Engineer in Management Science.


ASE Communications: What did you do prior to joining ASE? 

Dr. Zime:  I was an Assistant at a Finance Risk Research Lab in China, then an Economist for Economic Development Research in Turkey, and lastly an Economist for INSAE in Benin.


ASE Communications: How did you hear about ASE and what was your recruitment process like? 

Dr. Zime:  I was recruited by the General Manager of INSAE. The recruitment was proposed by the President of ASE on the basis of my areas of research and expertise.


ASE Communications: What is your impression of ASE? 

Dr. Zime:  I have a very good impression of ASE. There is commitment, innovation and the school has an international dimension.


ASE Communications: How have you been interacting with ASE students and faculty? 

Dr. Zime: My relationship with ASE administration is like working with a team or family. With the students, it is more about group research work.


ASE Communications: What are your future ambitions for your career? 

Dr. Zime:  I would like to integrate the IT and agronomy sectors and really wish to cover the entire national territory of Benin.


ASE Communications: Can you describe a typical day at ASE? 

Dr. Zime:  Once in the office, I meet with students and we discuss different topics and research. I chat with developers, assess the work, and validate different tasks in accordance with the respective objectives and specifications.


ASE Communications: What motivates you? 

Dr. Zime:  Research, cross-cultural exchange, and the work atmosphere.


ASE Communications: What advice could you give to a student considering to follow your career path?

Dr. Zime:  Choosing ASE is choosing training that will enable them to face the development challenges of Africa and globalization.


ASE Communications: What are your hobbies? 

Dr. Zime:  My hobbies are traveling, browsing the internet, and playing football.


ASE Communications: Thank you for your time, Dr. Zime.