Starting in 2015, the African School of Economics (ASE) has established the Summer Institute for Economic Research (SIER).  The goal of the summer institute is to contribute to the establishment of networks of collaborative, multidisciplinary research and policy engagement involving African academics and policy makers. SIER consists of three major sessions:

Session 1: Training on Research Design

The first session is a workshop on research design and empirical methods (e.g. causal inference and identification strategies, survey design, GIS methods). The target audience included rising young African economists and Africa-based university professors.

Session 2: Presentation of research

The second session is devoted to 10 to 15 presentations of working papers by participants on selected topics such as political economy, development economics, and econometrics. Topics are based on the leading policy challenges and debates in African countries.

Session 3: Policy discussion roundtable

The third session includes a policy roundtable on African development involving accomplished African social science scholars. This offers researchers and policymakers an opportunity to engage in dialogues, potentially leading to more focused and policy relevant academic research.


SIER 2015 - Group picture


Who can attend the Summer School in Economic Research?

SIER targets mainly:

  1. Advanced Ph.D. students and Junior Faculty: SIER will contribute to improving research skills and knowledge of development challenges and opportunities in Africa.
  2. Scholars and Senior Faculty: this course will provide the opportunity for a greater exchange of ideas and mentorship of African students world-wide.
  3. Policy Makers, Governments and Regional Organisations: the goal is to engage African social scientists and development experts.


To learn more about this initiative, you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.