Join our efforts to inspire and support research and academics in Africa. Every gift counts!

The African School of Economics (ASE) is based on a sustainable model, our operating expenses are funded by tuition and fees. Thanks to your donation ASE will continue to grow. Your donation can go towards three different funds:


Graduate Student Funds (Scholarships):

Outstanding graduate students are essential to a vibrant program. Providing scholarships provides a critical edge to our ability to attract the best students. Most graduate students require financial support in order to pursue their studies. Individuals and organisations who provide support for the cost of funding a student at the School make a vital difference in helping us to attract the very best students regardless of their background or financial circumstances.

Faculty Travel Funds:

Donations are applied toward grants that fund research trips and registration fees to attend conferences for our faculty members. Funds can also be used to cover expenses of research activities on the field and make it easier to invite high-profile visitors to visit ASE to deliver lectures or collaborate with our faculty. These intellectual exchanges are of tremendous value to our research and education.

Research Funds:

Individuals and organisations who make a donation to support research activities at ASE will contribute to the consolidation of ASE’s research institutes. Research is a key element in our University, your donation will make it possible to pursue an in-depth original study about a topic of interest.

Donors will receive an annual report with detailed information on how gifts have been used.

We offer two ways of supporting us:

Mail a check

Send your check to our headquarters
Lot 104, Parcelle J
Arconville, B.P.
Abomey, Calavi
Republique du Benin

Donate via wire transfer

Bank Code: 21058
Branch Code: 01008
Account Number : 008021050139
Clé RIB : 02
Swift Code : ORBKBJBJ
Once payment is completed, please submit deposit slip to our Finance Office (Att. Mrs. Nadia Adisso - Director of Finance and Administration, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Corporate Partnerships

International partnerships are vital to our mission. These partnerships synergize joint research, facilitate faculty and student exchange, and bring international perspectives into the classroom. Through our partnerships, we aim to give students and researchers opportunities to learn from and contribute to the real world of research and data.

If you are interested in exploring our corporate partnership opportunities, send an email to info@africanschoolofeconomics (subject: corporate partnerships).