Christopher Avery

Professor of Public Policy at the Havard Kennedy School

Dr. Christopher N. Avery, Roy E. Larsen Professor of Public Policy, teaches analytic courses in microeconomics and statistics at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He studies rating and selection mechanisms, focusing on the college admissions system. His research has been published in several prestigious journals such as the Journal of Economic Review, the American Economic Review or the Journal of Business. His first book, The Early Admissions Game, coauthored with Andrew Fairbanks and Richard Zeckhauser, was published by Harvard University Press in March 2003. In his current research, he studies college application patterns and college enrollment choices for high school students.

Dr. Avery completed a PhD in economic analysis at the Stanford Business School. He holds a Diploma in Mathematical Statistics from Cambridge and an A.B. with Summa Cum Laude Honors in Applied Mathematics from Harvard.