Azizo Dao

Aziz Dao was born in 1993 in Burkina Faso.  After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Statistics and Computer Science in 2014 at the Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso, he joined the African School of Economics, where he earned a Master in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics (MMES). His is currently completing an internship at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) headquarters in Rome.

During two years of intense practical and technical studies, Aziz specialized in impact evaluation. He worked on multiple projects that have exposed him to data acquisition and analysis, field surveying, and sample methodology. He also cultivated statistical skills and knowledge of statistical software such as R, Stata, SPSS, and MATLAB as a research assistant in the IT department of ASE’s Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy (IERPE). Additionally, he worked on an impact evaluation project that sought to measure the voting behavior of people in the face of different electoral campaigning strategies during elections in Benin, where he was a field coordinator.

After his graduation, he was hired by ASE for a four-month consultation as a research assistant and field coordinator of a project that aimed to evaluate an index insurance program operated by PADAER (Program to Support Agricultural Development and Rural Entrepreneurship) in Senegal. Now, Aziz is completing an internship at IFAD headquarters in Rome with the Platform for Agricultural Risk Management, an outcome of the G8 and G20 discussions on food security and agricultural growth. Its objective is to make agricultural risk management an integral policy plan in nine sub-Saharan African countries.

What does ASE remind him of?

I met many people from diverse backgrounds. Not only did ASE give me strong analytical and research skills, but it also made me dream and think big. Never giving up and continuing to do things well – these are precious values that ASE cultivates in its students that help them achieve their goals.