Marius Chabi

Interviews with former graduates of the African School of Economics have been enlightening about the range of talents they bring into the professional world. The following profile of Marius Chabi, graduate of IERPE (the precursor to ASE), proves that studying at the ASE opens unlimited opportunities.

Marius Chabi is a Beninese national. He holds a Masters degree in Public Economy and Applied Statistics (MEPSA in French) obtained at the IERPE, one of the 3 Institutes under the African School of Economics (ASE). After graduating from the IERPE in September 2013, he first worked as the Data Manager at the Centre de Recherche et d’Appui-Conseils pour le Développement (CRAD) in Benin. Despite his young age, Marius landed this job 6 months prior to completing his training – an achievement he attributes to being trained at a prestigious institution like the ASE. He entered the international professional world in February 2014. Marius became a Data Analysis consultant with DHL Benin, on a Laval University project. He did not stop at that! He later became a Graduate Student at the Focus Scientific Research Center in Bangolore, India. In March 2015, owing to his deep commitment to Africa, Marius Chabi did not hesitate to accept an Oxfam America offer to work in Senegal. In Dakar, he was the Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant for Oxfam.

Marius Chabi has been a Research Manager for Innovations for Poverty Action in Kigali, Rwanda, since March 2016. He talks about his experience with the African School of Economics: “the training is top class and on par with international standards. The faculty’s caliber is impressive. And the university makes you dream big. The combination of theory and practice is just perfect!”