Sossou Simplice Adjisse

What is your name, country and course of study?

My name is Sossou Simplice Adjisse. I am from Benin. I have studied Mathematics, Economics and Statistics at ASE.

What was your academic and professional background before ASE?

Prior to ASE, I had earned a master’s in Mathematics at the University of Abomey Calavi. I had also followed a CAPES training in Ecole Normale Supérieure de Porto-Novo and was a mathematics teacher in middle schools and high schools.

What skills did you gain from your coursework at ASE?

Coursework at ASE built and sharpened my research and analytical skills. I learned how to produce good research outputs in economics and related fields and surely this will help me a lot for my PhD.

Where will you pursue your Ph.D.? Why did you choose to continue your studies there?

I will pursue my PhD in Development Economics at the University of Wisconsin Madison. I will be taking joint courses in the Economics Department for one and a half years (3 semesters) before finishing my specialty courses and my dissertation in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department.  I chose Wisconsin Madison because this type of program is all I have been dreaming of since I decided to pursue a PhD: the Economics of the real world rigorously rooted in a very strong theoretical program perfectly balanced between the core components of economics, which are Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics.  Moreover, the University of Madison is highly ranked and has the reputation and a long tradition of giving high quality knowledge.

How did ASE help you gain acceptance to a doctoral program?

First of all, ASE instilled in me the dream of earning a PhD in order to significantly contribute to the scientific research in economics. Secondly, ASE encouraged and supported me in every aspect of the way from the preparation of the PhD applications until my admission by providing financial aid, trainings and coachings, thanks to the Princeton in Africa Fellows (PiAfs: Alex, Sarah, Anna and Ibilola) and the Professor Leonard Wantchekon.

How would you describe the student experience at ASE?

My experience as a student at ASE is the best I have ever had. First, I have friends from a diverse range of countries and then IERPE is a breeding ground for students to become good researchers. Secondly, ASE’s environment is very competitive and students have everything they need to be motivated and dream big.

What is your best memory from ASE?

I have lot of good memories from ASE, but the best one is my admission to a PhD program.