ASE-CRED Workshop on Development Economics (2015)

The African School of Economics and the Centre de Recherche en Économie du Développement (CRED) organised a joint workshop in Benin on January 17- 18, 2015. This high level meeting created space for researchers from European universities and their counterpart from ASE to discuss models and findings of their recent works on Development Economics.

As the host of this international scientific rendez-vous, the President of the African School of Economics, Prof. Leonard Wantchekon mentioned in his introductory remarks that “… this initiative represents a unique opportunity for each of the attending universities to take advantage of this joint platform to share ideas and to reinforce collaboration among researchers…” “… Most importantly, he continued, the meeting is designed to give ASE students instances of the best practices of research methodology and research models…”

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues of University of Namur, Professor Jean-Marie Baland expressed his deep gratitude to Professor Wantchekon and to the ASE research team for the hard work they have done to make the event a reality.

The workshop was structured in four sessions, as it can be seen in the program.