ASE Communication Team Meets For a Training Session

ASE communication team members had a training session on web article writing and photography. The meeting was held on Monday January 14th, 2019 at the ASE Campus by the communication team supervisors Corine Rosenberg, Victor Emmanuel Ekwa Bebe III and  Wilfried Gnanvi. The training is part of the many opportunities that ASE students have to grow their diverse skills, and allowed communications team members to grow their technical and professional skills.

During the meeting, Victor Emmanuel reviewed the main points to consider while writing an article. He addressed such questions as “what should I write on” and  “why should I write”. Among the the points on which participants were trained were the main journalistic questions to consider (what, who, where, when, why and how), the style of writing, the objectives of the article, and the choice of the photo or infographic accompanying the article.

He stressed the fact that to write a good article we must be factual, impartial, and precise.He also emphasized the importance of avoiding giving personal opinions, making grammatical mistakes, and using multiple languages in the same journalistic piece.

Following the theoretical training from Victor Emmanuel there was a practice session with Wilfried Gnanvi where the team analyzed several articles in order to find the insufficiencies within them. This practice allowed participants to apply the knowledge they had gained from the first part of the training, reflecting on how they would write future articles.

In addition there was a training on how to take good quality photos, since photos are an important part of a web article. In this section of the training the team members were shown the steps in  taking good pictures (considering such settings as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture). After Wilfried and Corine’s demonstrations on the topic, student were invited to take some pictures in order to have practical experience and ensure that they  understood the procedure.

Further trainings are planned in order to help participants continue to perfect their skills and to learn other important aspects of communications. Training topics include website management, publishing, article layout, and more practical opportunities in article writing and photography.