ASE Launches a Second Campus in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

There is good news at the African School of Economics with the recent obtainment of official authorization from the Ivorian minister of higher education to issue diplomas. On this basis, ASE formalizes the opening of its campus in Abidjan. Courses for ASE’s certificate in impact assessment will begin in May, and full academic activities will commence with the start of the Fall 2020semester.

Programs of study will include Computer Science, Mathematics, Economy and Statistics, and Business Administration, along with the Certificate in Impact Evaluation.  The campus will also host several affiliated research institutes, following the ASE model in Benin. 

Dr. Bassirou Chitou has been recruited as Dean of Academics, and the program will benefit from his extensive international experience and his skills in Statistics and Monitoring and Evaluation.  The campus is under renovation in the Abidjan neighborhood of Cocody, a neighborhood known for housing major universities. This will facilitate partnerships with and intellectual exchanges between ASE and other universities, such as the Université Internationale de Cocody. There will also be a high level of integration and exchange between the two ASE campuses in Benin and Cote d’Ivoire. 

Through the launch of its second campus, ASE continues its mission to produce cutting-edge economic research, public policy, and world-renowned social scientists and economic leaders on the continent.

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