ASE Launching a New Undergraduate Program

In line with the university’s mission, the African School of Economics launched the first cycle of undergraduate studies for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Students will have the opportunity to choose from four majors – Economics and Statistics; Statistics & Computer Science; Finance & Accounting; and Marketing & Management – and will learn from world-renowned scholars and practitioners from across four continents. Course offerings will be complemented by regular lectures, workshops, academic seminars, and professional development colloquiums.

ASE also provides global opportunities for students to further their education at leading African, European and North American partner universities, including Princeton University and the University of Ottawa.

Highly qualified students who perform well on their entrance exams are eligible for scholarships covering 20% to 100% of their tuition. These scholarships are contingent on the student’s performance on a placement test and on demonstrated need.

Registration is currently open for secondary school graduates, who can register by submitting an application to or by calling +229 95 04 17 17/+229 97 55 75 45 for further information. Preregistration is available, subject to the applicant successfully passing their French baccalaureate. Please check the ASE website regularly for updates on the timing and location of the placement test, which is tentatively scheduled for September 3.

Application Files

To successfully apply for admission to ASE’s undergraduate school, please submit the following to

  • A registration form, complete with the 30,000 FCFA registration fee
  • A legalized copy of the birth certificate
  • Transcripts from the secondary school attended
  • Certificate of the completed French baccalaureate or equivalent degree