ASE Partners with the University of Paris Dauphine

The African School of Economics has joined forces with the University of Paris Dauphine, forming a partnership for the benefit of students at both schools.

Paris Dauphine is a highly selective university located in Paris, France, and renowned for its high-quality education in fields such as finance, economics, and mathematics.  Additionally, the university values diversity and multidisciplinary research, and works to ensure a well-rounded student body that is equipped to tackle the complex and interdisciplinary challenges of today on an international scale. To that end, the president of University Paris Dauphine, Isabelle Huault, states “we believe that international exchange is essential to education. Through exchange, students experience different cultures and ways of thinking and behaving, making them more open and better prepared to thrive in a global world.” (Source here)

The recently formalized partnership between the African School of Economics and the University of Paris Dauphine is one such initiative to spark international exchange.  Through enabling joint degree programs, doctoral students’ co-supervision between the two schools, joint faculty recruitment and exchange, and student exchanges, the partnership will allow for knowledge and information exchange across various academic activities.  Beyond academics in the classroom, activities such as joint research programs and the co-organization of research conferences and workshops will also allow students to benefit from the strengths and expertise of both cutting-edge schools.

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