ASE Welcomes Princeton-in-Africa Fellow Corine Rosenberg!

Born in Michigan, and raised there and in the Greater Boston area, Corine graduated from the University of Michigan in 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts in Social Theory and Practice, and with minors in Intergroup Relations Education and Community Action and Social Change. Corine’s work has focused on educational equity and access, the creative arts, and community based social justice. After graduating she worked as a College Adviser at Ypsilanti Community High School in Michigan and then moved to Benin in September 2017 as a Fulbright Fellow based in Porto-Novo.

Corine’s work at ASE ranges from assisting the Communications team and Academic Affairs department, building national and international partnerships for work and educational opportunities, supporting the Pre-Doctoral Fellows, providing professional development opportunities for students, and more. Overall Corine is looking forward to be engaged in the many facets of ASE and the research institutes.

Additionally, Corine expresses excitement about working with the African School of Economics through the Princeton in Africa fellowship. “My experience here in Benin so far has been an incredibly positive and rewarding one. I fell in love with the country during my 10 months in Porto-Novo, and it’s such a joy to get to stay for another year and work with such an impressive institution as ASE. The Princeton in Africa fellowship gives me the opportunity to be working in a unique capacity at this awesome university. I feel that I have so much to learn, as well as so much to offer, and the welcoming and generous workplace environment so far has only affirmed that I made the right choice in staying in Benin and doing this work.”

Corine also plans on continuing to explore Benin outside of her work with ASE. In addition to seeing the country, so plans to go to Savalou for “Fete des Ignames” and to the north for “Gaani”, hopes to learn how to cook more Beninese food, and will keep practicing and learning Fon.