ASE Welcomes Visiting Professor Akoété Ega Agbodji

Professor Akoété Ega Agbodji, Dean of the Economics Graduate School of the University of Lomé, joined the African School of Economics last week to share his knowledge and experience.

During the week (February 24-28, 2020), Agbodji gave an academic seminar during which he discussed the characteristics of a scientific research publication. He explained the components of a research paper and used one of his recent publications (Akoété Ega Agbodji & Ablamba Ahoefavi Johnson (2019): Agricultural Credit and Its Impact on the Productivity of Certain Cereals in Togo, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, DOI: 10.1080/1540496X.2019.1602038) to illustrate and further describe the characteristics of a research article.  He also shared career advice with the students.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Microeconomics, Agbodji received his Master’s in Public Economics and Modelling from the University of Abidjan and subsequently became a Research Assistant in the economic sciences department and focused on international economics. There, he worked on projects funded by major international institutions including CRDI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Holland. He then received his Doctorate in Economics from the University of Dakar in Senegal upon the successful defense of his thesis in 2006. Agbodji returned to the University of Lomé where his prolific research and publications led him to be promoted quickly to Associate Professor and Dean of the College.

He has since published a dozen articles in academic journals and has advised over 20 doctoral students’ theses. Now, he continues to conduct research, advise theses, and consults on projects for international institutions including Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) and the African Economic Research Consortium (AERC). Agbodji’s research interests include questions of poverty, social capital, and health economics, which he considers key issues at the center of a country’s development. In an interview, Agbodji explained that he was impressed by ASE students for their attentiveness, academic curiosity, and dynamism, and considers the students “the best of the best”.