Cross-Continental Partnership: 2+2 with the University of Ottawa

As a part of the launch of the African School of Economics’ new undergraduate program, the partnership with the University of Ottawa has grown to include a 2+2 degree program (two years at ASE and two years at Ottawa). This partnership will enable students to complete a four-year bachelor’s degree that crosses continents and exposes them to diverse curricula and experiences.

ASE Board Member and Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies for the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa, Victoria Barham, spoke with enthusiasm about this new partnership:

“I have been very up to date with the activities of the African School of Economics since its creation a few years ago and I have been very impressed by its engagement and by the fact that it prepares its students very very well to study in North America, both in its curriculum and it’s pedagogic style”

She expressed complete confidence that “the students that will start their first cycle there will be more than capable to succeed in North America and in particular with us.” ASE and Ottawa will even exchange syllabi and examinations to ensure program alignment.  Dr. Barham expressed such “total confidence in the quality of this teaching” that students coming from ASE “will be admitted with a full guarantee into the third and last years of this program and that they will meet the full requirements for the transfer.”

Moreover, ASE students will receive significant support, both academically and financially. Rather than paying full tuition fees in Ottawa, ASE students will pay the same fees as domestic students. Thus, from a financial planning point of view it is  “enormously advantageous for students to take classes for their first two years at ASE and to then take classes for their third and fourth years at the University of Ottawa.”

Dr. Barham closed the interview with a message to parents: “So two years here at ASE and two years at the University of Ottawa. Your child is truly moving forward.”

Watch the entire French-language interview below: