EGAP Learning Days:  Presentation of Professor Wantchekon

On Wednesday June 12th, 2019, as part of the Evidence in Governance and Politics (EGAP) learning days, professor Leonard Wantchekon presented  his work on “Evaluating the Intrinsic Effect of Political Institution”. Trying to make causal inference of policy interventions leads to questions such as:  does evaluating the decision making process matter? If so, how do we capture its intrinsic effect and document the mechanism? Considering the special case of electoral process, it has been shown in Benin and in the Philippines that there is an intrinsic effect of political institution on voters’ decision. Indeed, multilateral deliberation leads to a change of voters’ believes about the candidate and it  also increases the level of effort invested in the election of the candidate, in comparison to unilateral deliberation. In another words,  constituencies where multilateral deliberation has been delivered, voters were more likely to share the information they received  from the meeting with those who were not present. In conclusion the way decisions are made affects believes about the effectiveness of the policy and efforts put in place to make sure that the intervention is successful.