English Club Kicks Off at ASE

Princeton in Africa fellows Cynthia Joseph and Corine Rosenberg opened up a year long English Club on Monday October 29th for all masters students. This club allows students to use their English in a more casual setting outside of the classroom and to build relationships with their peers. Students engage in a diverse array of activities such as theater, creative writing, debates, competitions, music, and movie nights. During the opening session students had the opportunity to get to know each other, practice their speaking, and write and share poetry in English.

During the high level and formal setting of classes, research seminars, and TA sessions, students develop their formal and academic English. English Club is an important way for students to add to those skill, to build confidence in more casual spoken English, and to increase their fluency. Students will meet for these sessions every Monday evening for the remainder of the year and will also have the opportunity to come for movie nights, possible field trips, and other cultural events.