Evaluation of the Social Impact of SOS VILLAGES D’ENFANTS Program in Abomey-Calavi

The Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy is conducting an evaluation of the programs of SOS Children’s Villages of Abomey-Calavi. The project serves a dual purpose of strengthening both learning and accountability. It supports organizational accountability and encourages learning and continuous improvement in the performance of SOS Children’s Villages with respect to protection, assistance and needs for solutions for vulnerable children. The study analyzes and provides evidence to measure social impact.

In addition, the evaluation will also contribute to broadening the overall knowledge on the design, management, support and understanding of intervention outcomes in a family care setting. This social impact assessment to be carried out in SOS Children’s Village Programs is part of a broader results based management (RBM) system. SOS Children’s Village is the donor/ funder for the project and the it is being lead by Leonard Wantchekon, Judicaël Moutangou, and Horace Gninafon.

Images from Foundation SOS Villages D’Enfants