‘Hidden Figures’ film screening at the US Embassy

On Friday, March 30th, several ASE students had the opportunity to attend a film screening of Hidden Figures at the U.S. Embassy. The movie recounted the untold stories of Katherine Jonson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, three brilliant African-American women who worked at NASA and served as the brains behind the launch into orbit of astronaut John Glenn.

During this era of racial segregation in the U.S., this trio of African-American women crossed all gender and racial lines by working in the fields of computational science and engineering, domains long time reserved to men. This inspirational story also showed how even the most oppressed individuals in society can endure through perseverance and hard work.

After the film screening, an interesting discussion ensued as viewers gave their first impressions. Some attendees argued that the film proved that in general, women can do as well as men in any domain, and felt that men should encourage women to pursue any career path they desire. Others discussed more of the racial aspects of the film, arguing that people of color or non-white people have worked hard to gain equal rights since the segregation era in the United States.

Image Credit: © 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.