Internship Program MTN Benin : Three ASE Students Recruited

On Friday, April 5th, 2019 a welcoming ceremony was held at the former direction of MTN Benin for new recipients of the MTN (Mobile Telephone Network) Internship Program. Among them were three ASE students: Aurel Ahouandjinou, Henry Kengne, and Alexis Atchade.

The floor was first addressed by MTN’s human resources director. After giving  a brief description of the company, she talked about its various business sectors (the office of the CEO, internal audits, the technology office, etc.). She discussed the values of MTN, namely integrity, a can-do attitude, leadership, innovation, and relationships.

She also talked about the importance of the internship program and discussed Felix, a former recipient who is now employed at MTN, to demonstrate his achievements due to the aptitudes he developed during his internship.

After her presentation, the Managing Director, Stephen Blewett, addressed the new recipients and gave them some advice; “You are the future of this country and any one of you could become the future Managing Director” he said. He urged them to give their best in order to fully enjoy and grow from their journey with the company.

A brief presentation  of the company’s services such as mobile-money and MTN fresh was given by some MTN employees and two trainees, including Henry Kengne and another student, received their internship certificates from the director.

ASE representative students Christelle da Silva and  Mathilda Adjoudejenon gave a brief description of the African School of Economics and thanked MTN for the initiative. The recipients were later assigned to their respective departments after the break. The internships started on Monday April 8th, 2019 at 8:00am.