Launch of the Benimath-Lica Club: ASE continues its work promoting math in Benin

The African School of Economics is determined to promote math throughout Benin. In addition to the Math Project from which students have benefitted across the country, and after the Animath summer school of this September, ASE continues to launch math clubs, as announced a month ago.

It has definitively been launched! Benimath Lica was created by the African School of Economics. The official introductory ceremony for this first mathematics club took place last Friday on the campus of the International School of Calavi (LICA) (Lycée International de Calavi). Five representatives of the African School of Economics, LICA’s principal, and Blaise Ahohoui the mathematics professor, welcomed the students.

Welcoming words from LICA’a Director were followed by an explanation of the club’s rules and policies, and exchanges with the students regarding the topic of mathematics and its various utilities. Afterwards, it was time for Wilfried Gnanvi, representing the ASE’s director at the ceremony, to present the club’s objectives. He was supported by his collaborators Lucy Assonfack and Simplice Adjissè, both Master’s students in Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics at ASE.

The club was created in the goal of:

  • Reinvigorating students’ interest in mathematics
  • Discovering mathematics from a different angle, with an innovative vision and methods
  • Preparing students for math Olympiads
  • Helping students develop a spirit of research so they can pursue their university studies with confidence

This club follows the ANIMATH summer school, organized in September 2017 by Animath-France, the Institute of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (IMSP) (l’Institute de Mathématique et de Sciences Physiques), and the African School of Economics (ASE). At LICA, the first Benitmath session will take place next Friday afternoon. Clubs at other schools will also be invited to the summer school, though they will focus on students in the final two years of high school. The clubs are for students in the final two years of high school.