Master’s candidate Julio Solis joins the WZB Berlin Social Science Center

Solis moved to Benin in 2018 from his home in Merida, Mexico. He will recieve his Master’s in Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics later this year, and looks forward to contributing his expertise in political economy to the WZB’s cutting-edge research.

The WZB is a research center which works across various social science topics, such as the political economy of development, inclusion of marginalized groups, and integrative approaches between qualitative and quantitative social science methodologies.  At the WZB, Solis will be working with renowned political scientist Macartan N. Humphreys on the “Institutions and Political Inequality” research unit. This position, and Humphrey’s mentorship, will be a great opportunity for Solis to continue to grow as a scholar.

Solis states that the ASE contributed to his recruitment for this position by enabling him to develop skills in diverse quantitative and qualitative research methods and also by allowing him to broaden his expertise from only political science and international relations, his area of undergraduate study, to the political economy. This made him the perfect candidate for WZB: someone who not only understands the social sciences but also has a strong methodological background.

The staff and students at ASE also positively influenced Solis’s path. ASE brings together experts from around the world and highly motivated young scholars through interesting courses, major international conferences, and innovative economics-related research.  For example, at the recent Learning Days summer conference and workshop at ASE (hosted in partnership with Evidence in Governance and Politics), Solis was able to connect with researchers at the top of their fields.  Through these efforts, the ASE has become recognized worldwide as a high-quality and quickly growing institution.