New Faculty Member Dr. Daniel Felix Ahelegbey Joins ASE

The African School of Economics is pleased to announce the addition of new faculty member Daniel Felix Ahelegbey. Dr. Ahelegbey was a Postdoctoral Associate at the Boston University Department of Mathematics and Statistics (2015-2017). He was also on the faculty of University of Pavia as a Visiting Assistant Professor (2016, 2017). Dr. Ahelegbey was a Research Fellow at University Cá Foscari of Venice (2014-2015); a Visiting Researcher at the Vrije University Amsterdam (2014), Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (2012-2013) and the University of Pavia (2013).

He received a Joint Ph.D. and Doctor Europaeus in Economics from the Universities of Venice, Padova and Verona (2015), a Master in Economics from the University Cá Foscari of Venice (2011), a Master of Applied Mathematics in Economics and Finance from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne (2010), and a B.A in Economics & Mathematics from the University of Ghana (2003-2007).

His research  primarily focuses on advancing data-driven methods and network models for financial risk analysis and economic forecasting. He is the author of “Bayesian Graphical Models for Structural Vector Autoregressive Processes” in the Journal of Applied Econometrics (2016) and “Sparse Graphical Vector Auto Regression: A Bayesian Approach” in the Annals of Economics and Statistics (2016). He has taught the following courses: “Networks and Systemic Risk” at the University of Pavia (Fall 2016, 2017); “Applied Mathematics for Social and Management Sciences” at Boston University (Summer 2016); and “General Mathematics, Algebra and Calculus” at the University of Ghana (2007-2009).

In talking to Dr. Ahelegbey, he expressed that ASE is a perfect match for him because of the vision of the program- a program that aligns with his ideas of a pan-african institution and an environment that he can contribute to. He has worked and studied in many countries, and believes that the internationalization of education can be applied in Africa. For him, the African School of Economics is a model of this. He is most looking forward to joining a great team of professionals, and, gaining new perspective by working in another African country, and encouraging students to aim higher and dig deeper. He hopes to inspire students with his support, rigorous materials, and passion for knowledge. ASE is excited for Dr. Ahelegbey to join the faculty and continue to grow the high-quality international expert community that students benefit from throughout their masters, pre-doctorate, and doctorate programs.