New faculty Member: Dr Gábor Nyéki joins ASE.

He comes from Duke University and holds a PhD in economics. Dr Gabor joins ASE to help shape tomorrow’s African elite in the field of advanced economics.

Dr. Gabor is interested in political economy, the economics of social networks, and development economics. He chose to work in development because he believes that some of the world’s most pressing issues pertain to inequity. He is eager to put his effort where the marginal returns are the highest.

One of his papers explores the effects of protests on the policies that legislators support. He looks at the US Civil Rights Movement, between 1960 and 1972, and that districts that had peaceful protests had more liberal representation later on, while districts that had violent protests were more conservative. Another one of his papers, co written by  Robert Garlick and Kate Orkin, studies the effect of a large cash transfer and a psychological intervention on household networks in rural Western Kenya.

Dr Nyéki is excited to contribute to the important role that ASE aims to fulfill as a bridge between Western and African academics. He hopes to pay forward the guidance and kindness of his mentors by promoting an environment of intellectual rigor, constructive feedback, and respect for one another.