New Faculty Member Dr. Karim Nchare Joins ASE

Post doc and Assistant Professor,  he holds a PhD in Economics from  Pennsylvania State University and specialized in Econometrics. He is also interested in policy evaluation techniques and nonparametric estimation of behavioral models of consumer choice. Karim Nchare has  an extensive amount of  experience teaching Econometrics (Causal Inference) and Microeconomics (Public Policy, Game Theory), both at the Graduate and Undergraduate Level. Recently, he developed an interest for Political Economy especially the Classical School of Thought (Smith, Ricardo, Stuart Mill, Marx) and would love to teach a related course.

His main research interest lies at the intersection between Econometrics and Behavioral Economics. The existing literature on Economics has established that the rational choice model does not reflect the actual behavior of individuals. He contributed to the economics literature by determining how to estimate models which incorporate aspects of psychology and sociology in decision making.

Dr. Nchare finds ASE to be an ambitious project because it aims not only to train future African leaders, but also to contribute to the theoretical literature on Economics. He has always enjoyed working in a dynamic environment and believes that ASE can offer this kind of atmosphere through an interaction with colleagues and students. He is confident that the next three years at ASE will be as challenging as rewarding for him.