PhD, Elysée Chouga from the ASE joins Calgary in Canada

Predoctoral Fellow at the African School of Economics, Elysée was one of the outstanding fellows selected to participate in the program this year. His admission at the University of Calgary in Canada will enable him pursue a PhD in Economics.

Upon graduating from the University of Douala, Cameroon with a Bachelors in Mathematics in 2012, Elysée worked as a math teacher at  several high schools before earning a one year Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Dschang in 2014. He joined ASE in August 2016 to pursue his Masters in Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics.

During the two and a half year academic journey at the African School of Economics (ASE), he enrolled in advanced courses in mathematical economics, statistics, and econometrics, and was exposed to the nuts and bolts of doing research. He benefited from rigorous quantitative training and the pre-doctoral program, which  provided him with the support and guidance needed during the application. As a result, he increased his fluency in English and was able to adequately prepare for the GRE and TOEFL.

In speaking with Mr. Chouga, he ellaborated “ASE stimulates the dream by allowing students to be taught by international professors, to get involved in research activities, to attend international conferences where they can meet and exchange with world-leading scholars. Broadly, students are exposed to world excellence in Economics. This is scarce and maybe unique in Africa; personally, these have boosted my aspirations and have pushed me to dream bigger.”

Elysee’s decision to attend the University of Calgary was motivated by the programs emphasis on micro econometrics and applications as well as the high standard of research that they produce. Additionally, the faculty is composed of both new and experienced professors, which will allow him to learn from different views and perspectives.

After completing his studies, Elysee  aspires to help Africa’s policy makers implement suitable programs for sustainable development and to make econometric tools more accessible to students in Africa.