Predoctoral Fellow Fabrice Hapi Nono admitted to Emory University

Originally from Cameroon, Fabrice Hapi Nono graduated from the African School of Economics (ASE), and will be pursuing a phd in economics at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. ASE’s rigorous academic training provided him with the skills necessary to be a competitive phd candidate.

Fabrice chose Emory University’s Phd in economics program due to its reputation, curriculum, the number of students per faculty, the Econometric Review hosted by the Department of Economics and the Kafoglis Economics Nobel Laureate Lecture Series, which are  yearly lectures given by a Nobel Laureate, sponsored by Emory’s Economic Department.

Prior to  joining ASE, Fabrice  obtained a degree in mathematics from the University of Yaoundé 1 in Cameroon. Before being admitted to ASE,  Fabrice was an exceptional mathematician, but did not have an economics background. The African School of Economics allowed him to strengthen his economics skills and provided him with the tools he needed to succeed. After completing his Masters in Mathematics Economics and Statistics (MMES), he felt prepared to pursue his phd in economics.

The young Cameroonian has gained a significant amount of experience through teaching, conducting research, participating in international conferences, such as the Summer School on the New Structural Economy in China,  as well as the pre-doctoral program. Additionally, He has participated in many projects such as “Evaluation of the impact of the promotion of girls education in Benin: a natural experience”. He also worked on the PASTR-II project defined as Rural Transport Sub-Sector Support Program “.

Fabrice intends to do research and to work in academia: “I really want to present the world as I see it, train the next generation in economics, especially with the results of my research”.