Presentation at ASE on ID INSIGHTS Various Opportunities

On January 30th 2019, Cassandre Pignon  presented on ID INSIGHT’s various employment opportunities. Cassandre began her presentation by providing a brief description of ID INSIGHT, which is  an organization geared towards assisting leaders in combating poverty by designing, deploying, and promoting evidence generating tools. She also discussed that ID INSIGHT works with all development actors: administrations, NGOs, donors, social enterprises. ID INSIGHT and has nine offices around the world , four of which are in Africa (Nairobi, Johannesburg, Lusaka, and Dakar).

She then focused on ID INSIGHT’s West African office and projects. The office is bilingual (French/ English), and is comprised of 17 staff members of 11 different nationalities. It deals in all sectors: public health, agriculture, education; has a variety of partners: public administrations, NGOs, social enterprises, as well as having a fantastic work environment. The various projects in west Africa are at Ghana LP (Ghana),  Babban Gona(Nigeria), New Incentives (Nigeria).

In the last part of her presentation : ¨What is in a Career with ID INSIGHT” ,  she described the candidates that ID INSIGHT seeks – world class talent, people with deep intellectual curiosity, genuine passion for fighting poverty, an entrepreneurial spirit, and strong analytical and quantitative skills. Working with ID INGSIGHT also provides the opportunity to work alongside amazing people and in a positive environment.