Spotlight on Olivier Adounvo: The new ASE Director of Administration and Finance

Adounvo has various leadership and management experience and is thrilled to embark on his journey with ASE. He hopes to help “reveal an ambitious and charismatic school”, citing the vision of President Wantchekon as an inspiring factor when joining the University.

Adounvo has extensive experience in business management, the management of health structures and infrastructures, and the theoretical and practical training of hospital staff, managers and administration. He started his career as a Health Action Inspector and eventually received a certificate in quality management. He holds a master’s degree in Legal Sciences, Business Law and Judicial Careers, and a Diploma in Financial Administration from the National School of Administration. Adounvo had a long professional stay at the national referral hospital, CNHU-HKM, where he directed the Human Resources Department and the Reception and Client Services Department. After twenty seven years with CNHU-HKM, he worked for three years with the Ministry of Health as Director of Nursing and Obstetrics.

Adounvo says that his first impressions of ASE since being immersed in the work include the beautiful campus and administration building, a pleasant work environment, and many varied activities, ranging from training to research to the international conferences. He looks forward to working with a university such as ASE, one that has the ability to help all Africans blossom, even beyond the continent. He hopes to focus on updating certain documents and on enhancing communication structures in the institution. Overall, the new Director of Administration and Finance comes with a positive demeanor and extensive experience. His presence will surely  add to the African School of Economics’ continuing growth.