Staff Spotlight: Serge Ouitona and the Danxomè Amazons

Hougnon Wilfried Serge OUITONA joined the team at the African School of Economics as a research associate in 2017 before being promoted to Associate Research  Director at the Institute for African Studies. He holds a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in History, and wrote an unique doctoral dissertation on roads and their importance in the economy of Benin. After teaching History and Geography in high schools and colleges for several years, he continued to teach in higher education schools as well as at the University of Abomey-Calavi where he is a monitor.


erge works, among other things, on the Danxomè Amazons’ Social Impact Project. This project, coordinated by Serge, was designed by the President of ASE, Leonard Wantchekon, and aims to study the influence that these women warriors have had on the society in which they lived after their demobilization. In this sense, the project has already visited several villages in the Abomey Plateau to collect data on thirty or so amazons identified through a meticulous and rigorous search. This data collection is ongoing.