The Second phase of Youth Employment Project (Projet Emploi des Jeunes (PEJ))

The Youth Employment Project (YEP) is part of the overall strategy of the Beninese government to fight poverty by reducing unemployment and underemployment. The high level of underemployment (over 56%) of young people between the ages of 14 and 35 hinders the achievement of the objectives of Benin’s national employment policy. The YEP is one of the major structural projects aimed at improving access to skills and employment opportunities for underemployed youth in Benin. It aims to strengthen the human capital and productivity of young people experiencing unemployment and underemployment. It is particularly interested in agricultural processing sectors, craft trades and tourism in the formal and informal private sector.

Conducted by the Institute for Empirical Research in Political Economy (IREEP), in collaboration with the World Bank, the present study consists of collecting data from a sample of young people aged 19 to 36 years. Its main purpose is to understand and document the economic living conditions of this segment of the population in order to better target them in the framework of the employment policies currently being drafted. The study is in its second phase and will involve a sample of 3443 young people divided between 5 Departments and 15 Communes.