The Start of the 2018-19 Academic Year

The 2018-19 Academic Year at the African School of Economics welcomes nineteen (19) new students into the Masters in Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics and Masters in Business Administration programs, as well as two new students in the Doctorate program and nine Predoctoral Fellows. Students are taking classes ranging from Microeconomics, Computing, Convexity and Optimization, to Business Law and Ethics.

Among the class offerings is the new course, Networks and Systemic Risk, which is taught by recent faculty addition, Mr. Daniel F. Ahelegbey. This course examines modern techniques for analyzing and modeling the structure and dynamics of complex networks and focuses on statistical algorithms and methods.

In addition to masters specific courses, all students are taking English courses and participating in various additional professional and academic activities such as the Thematic Reading Groups, Academic and Professional Seminars, and GRE/ TOEFL Preparation.