Undergraduate Students Compete in IMF Challenge

Six ASE undergraduate students participated in the 2020 Fund Challenge, a competition held by the International Monetary Fund for economics students across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  

ASE undergraduates Ornelia Toihen, Judicaël Waounwa, Emile Djohi, Alegra Megnigbeto, Stevie Amalin, and Stephen Ezin were selected to compete in teams of two. At the first stage of the competition, they enrolled in an online course on “Macroeconomic Diagnostics.” The course was developed by the IMF and covered subjects relating to macroeconomic analysis, such as fiscal and monetary policy, economic forecasting methods, risk analysis, etc. The students were mentored by MMES II student Gefry Alapini. 

All six students finished the course and advanced to the second stage of the competition, where they conducted a macroeconomic case study for the country of Turkey. They collected and analyzed real data from sources including the IMF and World Bank to determine the country’s current economic situation, and they proposed appropriate macroeconomic policies in a mock presentation to the Turkish government.  

Throughout the course of this experience, the students not only improved their macroeconomics skill and knowledge, but were able to put this knowledge to use solving a real-world problem.