Why Being Smart is Not Enough: We Need Emotional Intelligence

On November 30, 2018 on the African School of Economics’ campus, presenter, Moses Ogenyi, a student in  Mathematics Economics and Statistics at ASE, presented his paper “Emotional Intelligence EI.” This presentation was a part of the academic seminar series and marked an end to the series for this term. Ogenyi gave an intriguing presentation which focused on the components of  EI.

Ogenyi defined EI as a fast growing field of behavioral science psychology; it is demanded by individuals, corporations, and business firms. Research has shown that people with high EI are more successful than those who only possess a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ). He enumerated five elements of EI: self-knowledge, self-control, motivation, social skills, and empathy. Regarding empathy, he used a picture to demonstrate how black men and white men are able to help each other grow. He then listed the types of self: self-motivation, self-control, self-management, adaptability, transparency and how to recognize whether or not you have  Emotional Intelligence. He concluded his presentation by asking this question: ability or opportunity, which is the key to success?