The Institute of Biotechnology and Agricultural Science

The Institute of Biotechnology and Agricultural Science (IBSA) is an ASE institution set to launch in 2018. Focusing primarily on the links between technology, agriculture, and development, the Institute is comprised of three components: the training and education of farmers, research regarding new and sustainable crops, and the production and transformation of researched crops.


The Institute will offer a Master’s program in Agribusiness, as well as training programs and certificates aimed toward farmers in the region. The curriculum of this program will be devised in a collaborative effort with government ministries.


Research, training, and production will take place on four hectares of ASE’s land located in Zagnanado (south-central Benin), in collaboration with the Centre de Partenariat et d’Expertise pour le Développement Durable (CePED), EtriLabs, and KulaTech. ASE will research research potentially lucrative plant species and efficient growing techniques. EtriLabs and KulaTech will assist in the transformation of products developed and produced by ASE, and to provide technological resources.

Production and Transformation

Upon the successful roll-out of the research phase, ASE plans to create an in-house value-adding chain through the construction of a factory.