The Summer Institute of the Econometric Society kicks off!

As host of the Summer Institute and Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society, the African School of Economics (ASE) opened the six-day Summer Institute with two introductory lectures from ASE professors, providing young economists and theorists the opportunity to learn and collaborate with bright minds from around the world. The Econometric Society is a global organization dedicated to encouraging robust training of young economists in topics such as advanced statistics, decision theory, and optimization.

Professor Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University), the Founder and President of African School Economics (ASE), gave an introductory lecture to thank visiting lecturers and participants from the abroad, including Professor Pierre Nguimkeu (Georgia State University), a delegation of Princeton PhD candidates, and academics from other African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Gabon.

Professor Wantchekon also acknowledged the current first and second year ASE students, as well as the visiting ASE alumni, who came from Princeton University, New York University, Penn State, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to participate in this year’s conference. Each participant then introduced themselves by providing their background, country of origin, and field of interest.

After introductions, Professor Wantchekon explained Economic Theory, Econometrics and Trade and Development – all topics that will be covered throughout the conference. He also emphasized the importance of this event, which aims to promote econometrics and analytical social science in Africa, to reinforce the concept that economics today is indeed econometrics.

Professor Wantchekon then gave the floor to Professor Ian Heffernan (Princeton University), who presented a lecture on Economics Theory entitled “Dynamic Games of Incomplete Information.”

Above: Leonie Koumassa (IERPE) and other participants attend the SIES.