Admission Outcomes

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Prospective students are notified of their admission status by April 15.

The Selection Process

Admission decisions are based on a review of the candidate’s academic competencies and potential: grades, class rank, coursework, standardized entrance exams, language abilities, professional experience, and character are taken into consideration. Accordingly, the statement of motivation, CV or résumé, and letters of recommendation are important in providing a complete profile of the applicant. Please note that the application is not complete until ASE has received all supporting documents, including letters of recommendation.

Accepted Applications

The African School of Economics provides two offers of admission: Conditional and unconditional. A conditional offer requires the applicant to provide additional information, such as proof of graduation or final test scores. For unconditional offers, the student is fully admitted to ASE.

Waitlisted Applications

Applicants who are less qualified are ranked and either accepted or denied at a later date, depending on available positions and the candidate’s potential to succeed in ASE’s rigorous academic environment.

Denied Applications

ASE is a highly competitive institution. The application and selection process is extensive; we carefully select only the most qualified candidates. Unfortunately, the Admissions Committee is not available to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Steps for Accepted Students

  1. Accept or reject the offer of admission and/or financial aid awards.
  2. Pay the enrollment fee of 60.000 FCFA (Non-refundable).
  3. Provide proof of graduation from your undergraduate institution.
  4. Take ASE’s English and math placement tests.
  5. Complete English and math preparation courses one month before the start of the academic year, approximately in August.
  6. Pay tuition and enrollment fees.